LiFi Spotter

Common Challenge

If there is no access to WiFi, or if I can’t count on my customers having internet connection via mobile networks, how can I still track their indoor movements, direct them towards specific products accurately, or send them messages?

Our Solution

Using our LiFi Spotter technology solution, we can help locate users much more accurately, as well as send them information. We can easily install a stable and highly accurate local data network that works where other systems fail. By connecting our two-way LiFi lamps to the internet via Ethernet cables, we are able to use light to send and receive data. Since mobile devices are not (yet) LiFi ready, we have built dongles to transform their devices into communication terminals. These small receivers can be externally attached to smartphones, tablets, computers etc. to allow communication via light.

Using the Ellipz Software package, you are able to send messages to your users. That information can be very diverse such as location related, product related,  specific marketing content, information brochures etcetera. In addition to diffusing marketing content, our data dashboards give you valuable customer information otherwise unattainable. For locations that do have stable and accessible WiFi or 3G/4G networks, we have developed another solution called LiFi Glider

How does it work?

When using our Ellipz Two-Way LiFi lamps, the mobile devices of your users will receive the data from our lamps. The information they send back (for instance their location), will be done using the external dongle. A secure connection will have been established. Two-Way LiFi lamps have the advantage that they are able to receive information back from the dongles, allowing your users to communicate efficiently in places where WiFi or 3G/4G might not be available to them.

This solution requires the following products:

  • Ellipz two-way LiFi lamp (LiFi Bridge), which has an integrated modulator, necessary to send and receive data via light
  • Ellipz dongle receivers, attachable to smartphones and tablets
  • Ellipz Software package to track, manage and communicate with your users

Application Areas: