LiFi Glider

Our LiFi Glider solution enables highly accurate indoor navigation. We are able to micro-locate personal devices, such as smartphones, to help us track or navigate them accurately. With ‘geofencing’, we use technologies to create virtual boundaries which trigger a response in our software when devices enter or leave the defined area. 

This can help to improve safety, enable pinpointed marketing activities, improve social networking and audience engagement, or give Human Resources greater insight into workforce productivity and safety.

LiFi Bridge

Our LiFi Bridge is bidirectional and has, in addition to the geolocation characteristics of our LiFi Glider solution, another functionality:

The exchange of data between two objects/devices via LiFi, allowing high-speed streaming of data via light.

LiFi Spotter

Our LiFi Spotter provides a smart solution for precise indoor geolocation. With LiFi, it is possible to have two-way communication (send and receive data), through the possibility of the beacon user to communicate with the lamp and the system manager.

Think of tracking hospital beds, workers in mines, trolleys in casino’s. There are many places and companies where this solution can be of added value, sharing great insights and valuable information.