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Everything you want to know about Ellipz Smart Solutions.
The people and the company.

We see the unique opportunity to create a better, safer and faster communication infrastructure, by bringing different technologies together. Ellipz created a world where LED lights with added LiFi technology can let you transmit thousands of data streams in parallel. This enables access to the Internet wherever there is a light source which results in accessibility of data everywhere, energy savings and carbon footprint reduction.

LiFi creates a platform of solutions for people and planet which are unimaginable today. The technology offers a solution for three major topics in our society today: security of data transmission, healthy communication without invasive radio waves, and the accessibility to internet anywhere.

With these turnkey solutions, we are responding to clearly defined societal challenges positioning Ellipz Smart Solutions at the core.

The team

Laurenz Frederik Pauli - Antwerpen

Business Developer Europe

My responsibility within Ellipz Smart Solutions is to develop strong partnerships and opportunities in Europe.

Confession : xxxx

Kim Knape

Head Operations and Project Management

I started at Ellipz in 2018, totally fascinated by something I more or less took for granted before: lights, and secondly, a revolutionary technology in its infancy: LiFi. Before Ellipz I worked in the automotive; in mining; and bicycle industry for a large corporate in the Netherlands and Australia; and for a startup active in the closed-loop supply-chain of the textile industry. Given my background, experience and ambition in these disciplines, I am responsible for Supply Chain/Operations and Project Management at Ellipz.

Confession: I cannot live without chewing gum, peanut butter, tea and cheese – and if I do not run three times a week, I get restless and – I’m told – pretty annoying!

Frans Otten - Hong Kong

Founder & CEO

As a young man, I was immersed in the culture of my family’s business – Philips. With the ability to speak Dutch, English, French, Spanish and German I knew my work in the world could be powerful if I could just align my beliefs with my vocation. Most people do not realise that new technologies are there to serve mankind and not for mankind to serve the technology – or worse just the shareholders behind that technology. We are building Ellipz Smart Solutions on the principles of sustainability and energy saving, smart material use, inclusiveness and transparency.
The disruptive LiFi technology is fascinating and I am proud to work with a great group of people aiming to create a better, safer and faster communication infrastructure.

My confession: I can get really irritated if people follow the rules-are-rules concept without deciding for themselves whether the rule actually makes sense.

Pieter Six - Amsterdam

Chief Commercial Officer

I joined the Ellipz Company around in 2015, after 10 years in the Financial sector, operating in Europe and later in Asia. Changing industry from Finance to Lighting, and from employee to entrepreneur, has been the best decision I have ever made. I wanted to do more in life that really matters, and found this in Ellipz. I am extremely proud of our environmental sensibility and how we have integrated environmental considerations into our entire business model.

My confession: I can't stand losing at board games.

Freark Bruinsma - Hong Kong

Chief Operating Officer

I have always been inspired and motivated by the people around me. I have always, in some way or form, used my talents to create a better ‘sum of the parts’ within the system I am allowed to participate in. Allowing to participate in the journey of Ellipz Smart Solutions of developing a safer, healthier, more sustainable, faster communication infrastructure for the people and the planet makes me proud. It motivates me to allow as many people on our planet to experience the wonders and benefits of the deep tech innovation LiFi is. What I love about my role is that I play with all the different colleagues on the field to make our operations in the regions run smoother and smoother delivering better experiences for our customers, with a confident and happy smile on our faces. A step by step journey to make every light a satellite.

My Confession: My mindset can best be described by the following simple combination of words written down by the unknown Dutch poet: ”If things don’t go right, go left!”. Only then you will find yourself looking at the same problem from a totally different angle opening up new opportunities.

John Rooymans - Amsterdam

Chief Technology Officer

I am co-founder of the Ellipz Company and additionally holder of 29 LED technology patents in the field of Spectral Power Distribution for enhanced vision and biologic yield and always exploring harmony and the power of light. Converting quantum mechanics in leapfrog innovations. Before the LED era, I was active in a wide range of technical development and independent consulting activities for governments, Int. Atomic Energy agency and legal arbitrary institute (NAI). I wrote several books and scientific publications such as ‘’Het Tonar Dossier’, TM-UWB - min. of Economic Affairs, Luminous efficacy mesopic vision, CSD - 2015 Optical Society of America.

My confession: I hate standards and always flip coins to see what’s on the other side. If that curiosity stops, I stop.

Gerald ter Horst

Chief Financial Officer

Etan Hadaya - Hong Kong

Chief Innovation Officer

My current role within Ellipz is to help the organisation with its ambitious growth and development plans through software. Until recently, I had heard almost nothing about LiFi and its fascinating possibilities. Bringing this potential to life, and allowing it to be deployed on a massive scale, is what excites me most.
Prior to Ellipz, I worked for several startups and founded my own company. Originally from Antwerp, Belgium, I grew up with a love of travel and international environments. This curiosity has lead me to work and study in over 10 countries.

Confession : I was once a serious Britney Spears fan and although I am cured, I sometimes relapse. Very, very rarely – promise!

Looking for a new challenge?

Ellipz is always looking for innovative companies and individuals who are as dedicated as us to bring the LiFi technology into the world. Our existing partners in the US, Asia and Europe are keen to re-shape the future and develop more turnkey solutions, contributing to our purpose.

Like what you see? Let’s arrange a get together.

Send an email to info@ellipzsmartsolutions.com

Advisory Board

Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli discovered LiFi 8 years ago and he felt the synergy with Frans Ottens disrupting lighting technologies was unique. Since then, he advises and guides Ellipz Smart Solutions, seeking opportunities and ensuring the focus of the company is right.  Gunter is Founder of and Ambassador for Ellipz Smart Solutions. He is also the author of the book “LiFi – Internet at the Speed of Light”.  

Jean Baptiste Seilliere

Ever since reading Richard Feynman’s theories, Jean Baptiste Seilliere had a thing with the quantum physics aspects of light and its mysteries. When he met Frans, who had a special color recipe for light and  happened to be talking to Suat who invented morse code at the speed of light, he wanted to take part of that conversation. Now he is fortunate to talk and work almost everyday on this great innovation. His previous experiences in finance, supply chain management, and professional training contributes to his enthusiasm for our LiFi adventure.

Professor Suat Topsu

I am a Scientist, a Strategist, a Professor of Physics, and a Researcher in Quantum Physics & Engineering specializing in many areas and more recently in Optical Wireless Telecommunication – LiFi Technology.
At Ellipz Smart Solutions I advise on a technological and scientific level the operational team and help embedding the LiFi-technology various industries.
“Understanding the Present, Imagining the future and Making it real… This is my Passion.”