Imagine a world where you are always connected to unprecedented speed and bandwidth:
at home, at work and even on the streets – whether you are in your car or on foot.

Ellipz Smart Solutions keeps you connected. Anytime, anywhere.

Ellipz Smart Solutions

We have identified a unique opportunity to create a better, safer and faster communication infrastructure by bringing diverse technologies together. Ellipz has created a world where LED lights with added LiFi technology enable you to transmit thousands of data streams in parallel, enabling access to the Internet wherever there is a light source.

LiFi creates a platform of solutions for people and the planet which are unimaginable today. The technology resolves three major issues in our current society: the security of data transmission, healthy communication without invasive radio waves, and accessibility to internet anywhere.

With its turnkey solutions to these challenges, Ellipz Smart Solutions plays a pivotal role in transforming the way we live and work in the future.

LiFi Technology

LiFi is a high-speed, bidirectional and fully networked light communication solution. LiFi technology uses light instead of radio waves to transfer data, embedding the information in beams of light. Our LiFi-enabled devices convert these beams into an electrical signal, which is then converted back into data.

Using LiFi is easy!

We provide LED lighting solutions which have the required LiFi hardware and software already installed within them. Customers simply plug a LiFi dongle into their laptop which automatically connects via the light beam to the nearest LiFi LED light. The device can now receive and transfer data 100x faster than WiFi – and with 100% security.

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How does the technology work?

LiFi is a communication technology based on the principles of Visible Light Communication (VLC).  A LED lamp is switched – using binary code – between logical states of “1” and “0”, just like a computer. Using this principle, chains of information can be sent at high speed, undetectable by the human eye.

The photodiodes, which convert the light into an electrical current, have an ultrafast response time. As a result, they can register minute changes in light intensity and convert this information into binary electrical signals that can be decoded by the detection device. In this way, the received information is shared with the user.

Our solutions

We offer three solutions using VLC, that can be applied in different ways to establish a mobile smart network.

1. LiFi Glider
This solution is developed to work as beacons for numerous geolocation service applications, like routing, geofencing and asset tracking. The LiFi Glider System can manage important user information via an analytics platform.

2. LiFi Bridge
This solution establishes a bidirectional LiFi mobile network up to 50 Mbps. With the LiFi Bridge, you can send and receive data. All our products are designed to easily connect to an IoT network.

3. LiFi Spotter
Our LiFi Spotter provides a smart solution for precise indoor geolocation. With LiFi, it is possible to have two-way communication (send and receive data) via the beam of the lights. Data can be transmitted to and from devices via the lights, enabling a stable connection.

LiFi and Ellipz LED Technology

99% of the world’s LED lamps are blue chip LEDs which use phosphor to make white light – yet phosphor slows the response time. Ellipz Lighting ensures a rapid response by keeping the layer of phosphor as thin as possible or using no phosphor at all. That’s why, with Ellipz, the LiFi connection is even faster than any other LiFi infrastructure.

Another advantage of Ellipz is the stability of the connection. By only using LEDs which have wavelengths similar to the ones recommended for a LiFi receiver, we maximise the sensibility and mobility of the LiFi receiver, improving connectivity.

Advantages of LiFi


LiFi enhances security levels as all data transferred via the LiFi infrastructure remains inside the beam of the light. Data remains confined within a closed area such as a room, as light cannot pass through solid and opaque structures.


LiFi is immune to electromagnetic interferences that affect radio-based wireless communication technologies. The technology is therefore useful in areas with systems that are electromagnetic-sensitive such as aircraft cabins and hospitals.


How far away is the lamp closest to you right now? The light from this lamp can be used to transmit data. A LiFi-enabled LED lamp can be dimmed to below human visibility, saving a substantial amount of energy but still able to connect you to the world.


LiFi can transfer data at an incredibly high speed;
With scientists achieving speeds of 224 gigabytes per second in the lab, the potential for the LiFi technology is so huge that it can change the way we use the Internet. 


Wherever there is light, you can create a LiFi connection. Simply put, LiFi is possible everywhere: underwater, under the ground, in hospitals, in storage locations, in stadiums or at festivals. There are no dead spots as long as there is light.


LiFi integrates the communication system with your lighting system. Once set up, the existing LED lighting system can then used for both illumination as well as data communication. This makes the infrastructure not only eco-friendly, but also cost and energy efficient.

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